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The IP heater is an efficient infrared thermal radiation heater whose concept is to provide effective heating for causalities in emergency situations. Using short-wave infrared A radiation the heater is ideal in emergency situations in providing effective protection against hyperthermia for the emergency services as well as for patients. The heater meets all the special requirements of the emergency and rescue services, it is also compatible with all existing electrical instillations, including generators, cables, sockets as well as stands.



The appliance complies with the general safety requirements of the emergency services for electrical appliances. A built-in intelligent protection system can differentiate between any necessary relocation of the appliance as opposed to any unwanted accidental movement, in which case the appliance would automatically be switched off. The IP heater can be mounted in either the standing or hanging position using the main stand.


Technical notes:

Voltage: 230 volt

Electrical power: 2000 watt

IP code appliance: IP 66

Dimensions: 550*350*220 mm

Weight: 10 kg

Possible applications

Road traffic incidents

Mass casualty situations

Work in inclement weather


Tents and emergency shelter heating

Work in flooded areas





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